Fun Facts and Inspiration for March 26

Fun Facts and Inspiration for March 26

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”        Buddha

Did you know that…
In order to calculate massive quantities, American Edward Kasner coined the word googol, which is the number one, followed by 100 zeros. But for today’s calculations they use the googolplex which is the number one followed by 1 billion zeros, which allows us to calculate the number of electrons passing through a 40-watt light bulb in one minute. To give you an idea of how massive a googolplex is, it equates to roughly the number of drops of water flowing over Niagara Falls in a century.

In the early days of business written records, the record keeper of the meeting took notes to document what transpired. Because of the amount of information, the record keeper wrote in shorthand and abbreviations. The word used to describe these notes were called minute, as in ‘my-noot’, meaning small. Today we refer to the notes as minutes of a meeting.

During the American Civil War massive numbers of young and untrained soldiers were rushed into battle, causing major problems with discipline. The veterans called this incompetent soldiers “reckies”, rather than recruits. The word “reckies” evolved to include anyone new to an organization who lacked training and required training to become “rookies”.

In the early 1700’s, English playwright John Dennis introduced a metallic device that imitated the sound of thunder. The production it was created for failed and the thunder device was forgotten until several months later, he heard the thunder sound in another play. Dennis raised a public outcry that someone had stolen his idea. Today we refer to such an act as “stealing my thunder.”

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